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Four Men Expecting Sex At Watt Avenue Hotel Held Hostage Instead

NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) - A strip of Watt Avenue in North Highlands is known for prostitution, but four young men who went there looking for fun instead reportedly found torture and robbery.

"So we met a girl who wanted to have a drink with us at a hotel," one of the men told CBS13 on Monday.

Deputies say that woman is 24-year-old Candis Thomas. She allegedly invited the four men to a hotel room on Watt Avenue for sex.

"And when we went inside the room, it was a complete setup," one of the men said.

Within minutes four more suspects rushed into the room with knives and a gun. Investigators say the suspects included Vinson Johnson and Brandy Boatwright. The victims were allegedly stripped down, beaten and robbed.

"They came up with the idea of holding us for ransom because we looked like rich little white boys," one said.

They feared for their lives.

"I thought they were going to kill me," one said. "I was so afraid for my life."

After two hours of torture, one of the men was allegedly forced into a car with the female suspects looking for an ATM.

The other three victims who remained begged for mercy.

"Anytime I would beg for my life, he would get all mad and hit me in the back of my head countless times," one said.

The one man sitting in the front seat saw a Sacramento County sheriff's deputy driving in the opposite direction. He reportedly grabbed the steering wheel, jerking the car violently.

The deputy pulled the car over and before you know it, the victims were rescued and three of the five suspects were arrested.

Investigators say it was a dumb decision to look for prostitutes in the first place.

"We could be working a multiple homicide if the circumstances were slightly different," sheriff's spokesman Deputy Jason Ramos said.

Investigators say two of the five suspects got away, but those behind bars are facing numerous felony charges. As far as the four out for a good time? They're dealing with humiliation and embarrassment.

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