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Foundation, Wall Cracks Forming In Natomas Homes

NATOMAS (CBS13) — Dozens of neighbors in Natomas are reporting issues with their homes, including swollen doors and cracks in their foundations and walls.

Taisiya Kulbidyuk's home off of Arnell Court looks beautiful from the front, but the back of her home is a different story. It's currently under significant construction after she discovered a major mold issue.

"It was very hard," she said. "The whole day we were standing outside watching people taking apart our house."

Kulbidyuk says she started noticing mushrooms growing along her bedroom baseboards. She soon realized the windows in her bedroom and family room right below were leaking.

"There's nothing there to hold up that corner of the house so this whole house is sinking. you can just tell by the cracks," she said.

A few streets down, Tim Albretsen says mysterious cracks have popped up in his home for the last 13 years he's lived there.

"It's literally the Winchester Mystery House," he said.

Now his front door barely opens and closes.

"When it rains and the ground swells back up with water again," he said. "That door opens and closes fine, and this door over here doesn't open and close because its goes this way."

He believes the soil under his home is constantly shifting, causing his home to literally change shape.

"The house is going to move again, so what do you do?" he said. "The ground is constantly moving, it's swelling, it's old mud."

Meanwhile dozens of others in Natomas Park have shared similar stories on They want to know why this is happening.

Most of the homes were only built about 10-14 years ago. They all went up during the same time during the big building boom in Natomas, but not all of them are by the same builder.

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