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Former Isleton Police Chief Previously Investigated For Embezzlement

ISLETON (CBS13) - When big bucks went missing from a non-profit for kids, a former local police chief was accused of being a thief.

In 2005, when Bob Langley became vice president of the National Center for Child Safety and Awareness, he says he uncovered an embezzlement scheme involving founder Steve Adams taking $8,000 to $9,000.

"He was fired and paid the money back," Langley said.
Langley claims he uncovered nearly $60,000 additionally had disappeared, and he thinks there was more.

"Absolutely. That's just what we were able to prove," he said.

And the paper trail all led to Adams, the non-profit founder and president at the time.

He's better known now as the former Isleton police chief. Adams lost his job as Isleton's police chief in May when the City Council voted to fire him.

"Did you take the money?" CBS13's Maria Medina asked Adams.

"No, I did not," he said.

"Did Isleton know at all that you were being investigated for embezzlement?"

"Yeah, I mean this was seven years ago."

Adams says he's innocent of any embezzlement from the non-profit, saying he used organization money to pay house bills, like electricity, because he worked out of his home most of the time.

He claims Langley bullied him to pay the money back -- more than $89,000 including interest.

"When people see that, 'well he paid the money, that must be an admission of guilt,' how do you explain that?" CBS13 asked Adams.

"It was horrible. I was scared. I didn't want my family hurt. And it was a complete extortion," he said.

"He plays the 'poor me' role very well, very well," Langley responded.

Langley says the proof is in the paper trail. Armed with bank statements, an audit and a promissory note signed by Adams, Langley went to Sacramento County sheriff's investigators, who arrested Adams for embezzlement.

"And the DA's office dismissed the case," Adams said.

The Sacramento County district attorney's office did indeed side with Adams, saying there wasn't enough evidence to prove Adams committed a crime.

To this day, Langley disagrees.

"The evidence is overwhelming and I've got over 80 pages of police reports and bank statements and admissions of guilt that he did all these things," he said.

"I think he wants more money," Adams replied.

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