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Former Isleton Officer Accused Of Selling Guns

ISLETON (CBS13) - A former local police officer, first accused of having sex in his squad car, is now accused of selling guns.

Multiple sources tell CBS13 that the FBI has joined the investigation.

The officer didn't want to speak on camera, but did talk to CBS13's Maria Medina on the phone; and while he's denying any criminal wrongdoing, he's making one startling accusation.

"No one would believe it was true," said City Manager Dan Hinrichs.

For the last several months, Hinrichs has uncovered one shocking allegation after another.

One of the first accusations to come up was Isleton police Officer Scott Kunz allegedly having sex while on patrol with his mistress.

His wife sat down with CBS13 a few months ago and confirmed there was a mistress.

"He said that she was with him quite often on patrol," said Kunz's wife.

Kunz told CBS13 over the phone: "The fact of the matter is yes, I made mistakes. I made some poor judgment calls regarding the dispatcher. I agree with any disciplinary action regarding that."

And it appears he will be disciplined.

"We're just following due process," said Hinrichs.

The city took the first step toward firing the officer, sending him a letter listing numerous allegations.

Sources tell CBS13 the FBI is now investigating accusations that he sold police guns and pocketed the money.

"It's absolutely true. I sold old department inventory at the direction of my immediate supervisor," said Kunz.

But he says everything was legally sold, and says there are receipts to prove it.

However, Hinrichs says that there were no checks and balances in place to look after the police department and the actions of the officers.

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