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'You Can See Retardant All Over These Hillsides': Firefighters Aggressively Attacking Bridge Fire Near Auburn

PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) — Hundreds of firefighters are battling the Bridge Fire just outside Auburn on Monday.

"Yesterday we had upwards of nine air tankers and five helicopters," said Cal Fire Chief Brian Estes.

They were fighting from the air and the ground as crews continued to battle the Bridge Fire.

"You can see retardant all over these hillsides," Estes said. "Just really some aggressive initial-attack firefighting."

The fire started Sunday afternoon along a trail near the north fork of the American River. About 700 people at the Auburn State Recreation Area had to be evacuated.

People who live in the area appreciate the majestic beauty, but also respect the danger this time of year.

"We are always nervous. It's a little unsettling for sure," said Noah Markoff.

Markoff and his wife were out hiking the hillside below their home on Monday with their dog, ready to go.

"Our bags are always packed all summer long," he said.

They are no stranger to evacuations.

"We do have a phone tree and check in with everyone and make sure they are ready to go," Markoff said. "We always have a plan in place in case, God forbid, something should happen."

Even though the fire was only five percent contained as of Monday morning, authorities did not think any homes would be evacuated.

But officials say they are not out of the woods just yet.

"It means we have secured those lines - and we have crews actively working on strengthening and reinforcing those lines, mopping up so we do not have something escape that containment," Estes said.

As of early Monday afternoon, the Bridge Fire has burned a total of 300 acres.

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