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Folsom Woman's Security Cameras Catch Naked Stranger Using Hot Tub In Her Backyard

FOLSOM (CBS13) — Lydia Wolfe-Clark said she and her daughter were fast asleep last Friday night when a man made his way into their backyard, but they didn't see or know what happened in the backyard and the hot tub until the following day.

"I noticed in the morning that the flap looked like it had been opened and I haven't been using this in quite some time," Wolfe-Clark said. "He came back and tried to open the slider many times over the two hours and he tried getting into the back door as well."


Wolfe-Clark said a door stopper prevented the man from gaining entry into the house.

"If he got in, I have no idea what would have happened," Wolfe-Clark said. "I have a firearm but I have no idea if I would've been able to get to it in time."

She told CBS13 there's another part of this wildly disturbing night that soaked into her mind. "Then I got video footage of him, naked from the direction of the hot tub," Wolfe-Clark said.

She said that the man took a nice long soak for about a half-hour and was on her property for a total of two hours.

"I will never look at this backyard and a hot tub the same way again. It makes it hard when you have that visual," Wolfe-Clark said.

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Wolfe-Clark said she filed a report with Folsom Police hoping something could be done about this man getting on their property.

"Like pressing charges because I would be glad to do that as well," Wolfe-Clark said.

Officers at the scene did take the man's prescription glasses as evidence.

But, a department spokesperson told CBS13 this is being considered as a suspicious person report, not a burglary since the man didn't gain entry, try to steal anything or intend to do harm or cause damage.

Folsom Police said that it appeared in the footage that the man was intoxicated and could have mistaken the home for his own. Wolfe-Clark hopes one thing can be done with it comes to this frightening skinny dipper.

"I think best case scenario is this guy's identified and is shamed. That he feels shameful for what he did," Wolfe-Clark said.

Wolfe-Clark said she sometimes stays up late to work in her office. She told CBS13 that she wishes she did that Friday.

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"If I had been pay attention to the notifications, if I had stayed up late in the office working, I would have heard this," Wolfe-Clark said. "And then I could've called the cops and he would have been arrested."

But this mother is now doubling up security.

"I'm getting a mastiff dog and I have a security company that's going to be monitoring my notifications (for her camera system)," Wolfe-Clark said.

Wolfe-Clark said one of the hardest things about this is trying to tell her 10-year-old daughter what happened.

"So, she's aware but she's also kind of feeling comfortable knowing that I'm taking these security precautions even to a further degree," Wolfe-Clark said.

Wolfe-Clark said that she does have a firearm in her house. But, she told CBS13 she wasn't sure she would be able to get to it in time if the man got inside her house.

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