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Arrests Made In Oakland In Folsom, Rocklin Gun Store Break-Ins

ROCKLIN (CBS13) - Authorities are investigating after two gun stores were broken into and burglarized overnight in the greater Sacramento area.

The first break-in happened just after 4 a.m. Wednesday at the Rocklin Armory along Granite Drive. Authorities believe the suspects plowed their car into the front of the building to get in.

Security camera footage shows four or five men peeking into the front of the business right before getting into a Honda CR-V, the gun store owner says.

Only one rifle was stolen - an AK-47 they were working on, the gun store owner says. Guns that are on display during business hours are put away at closing.

"We leave the lights on to clearly indicate there's nothing on the walls," said Walter Ford, co-owner of Rocklin Armory.

About a half hour later, STS Guns in Folsom was also burglarized. Investigators believe 15 to 20 handguns and another rifle were stolen.

"It's similar to what happened at NorCal gun shop several months ago. We think it is probably related to that," said Trent Jewell from the Rocklin Police Department.

Two months ago, more than 100 guns were stolen from NorCal Gun Vault in the same fashion - a car through the front of the building.

After that burglary, Rocklin Armory decided to get barricades in the front of their store. Ironically, they get installed next week.

"You try and build something, and people with energy and time on their hands - instead of doing something productive - they tear it down. It makes me sad," Ford said.

Authorities believe the burglaries could be related. Both departments are conducting separate investigations.

Later Wednesday morning, law enforcement officers stopped the car associated with the burglaries in Oakland. Sources told CBS San Francisco that "many firearms" had been recovered and arrests have been made.


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