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Folsom Opens 30 New Businesses, Adding Hundreds Of Jobs

FOLSOM (CBS13) - From shopping to eating to entertainment, one local city will add nearly three dozen new businesses this summer, and the boom means hundreds of people will get jobs.

"It's difficult to locate someone who's hiring," said Chops Steak, Seafood and Bar waiter Brian Thompson.

Thompson is one of the hundreds finding new jobs in Folsom.

"I feel grateful," said Thompson.

The restaurant is just one of 30 new businesses opening its doors this summer.

"It takes a lot of effort, will and determination, and a huge amount of faith, huge," said Trisha Flynn, Chops.

Other businesses opening in the next few weeks include Habit Burger with 30 new jobs, and Chick-fil-A with 60 new jobs.

At elements therapeutic massage, employees start work next Saturday.

"Being able to employ about 30 people in this economic climate it is incredibly rewarding," said Valerie Reynoso Piotrowski, Elements Therapeutic Massage Owner.

Folsom's chamber of commerce says the secret is the city's business- friendly environment.

"We've got expedited permitting for people that are starting businesses," said Joe Gagliardi, Folsom Chamber of Commerce. "We have fee deferrals for them."

"They are absolutely invested in their community," said Flynn.

"They're courting businesses owners properly," said Piotrowski.

Folsom is using key ingredients to help make this town an employment and entertainment hot spot.

"I needed to be able to make the expenses every month and I couldn't do it until Chops gave me the opportunity," said Thompson.

Folsom's efforts seem to be paying off. The city is reporting only a 5-percent unemployment rate, which is only half the state-wide average.

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