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Folsom Ice Rink Hopes To Open Soon After Repairs From Damage By Vandals

FOLSOM (CBS13) — A beloved holiday ice skating rink was left in limbo after vandals destroyed thousands of dollars worth of products.

The Folsom Historic District Ice Rink was supposed to open last week but now workers are scrambling to complete repairs. Thieves even stole major equipment.

"We are running all over the place. We are going to San Francisco, we are going down to LA," said manager Gabe Bryan.

Gabe says workers have been tracking down products for replacement and repairs following days of vandalism and theft.

Surveillance video shows people breaking into the rink and damaging several tubes containing a liquid that keeps the ice-cold.

He says from one night alone, there were over 400 different leaks.

"Those cracks that happen and the glycol lost from that is, to us, thousands of dollars for those 20 seconds and right now it's extremely hard to replace it," he explained.

It's also extremely difficult to find due to supply chain issues many industries are dealing with.

"We are even considering going out of state to find stuff because it's either cheaper to just drive ourselves, there's shipping expenses and a lot of places are back-ordered," said General Manager Megan Jackson.

The price of certain products has also quadrupled.

"Barrels of glycol, which last year cost $2,200 to purchase, are now upwards to $8,000, even $10,000 if you include shipping," Gabe said.

But even shipping isn't an option when some companies are quoting two to three months for deliveries.

It's been frustrating for the family-run business that's now working non-stop to fix the damage and find what they need to keep the tradition of ice skating in historic downtown Folsom alive.

"My grandkids come all the time," one woman said.

"It's very sad that affects so many people in a negative way like that," another woman said.

Although the Folsom Ice Rink was unable to open their doors this weekend, they hope to be back in business soon.

Information and tickets can be purchased at

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