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'Symbolic Of Hate': Folsom Police Investigate Burned American Pride Flag As Hate Crime

FOLSOM (CBS13) — Police are searching for the person who stole a flag from the front of a Folsom home and brought it back burned.

Jenny Daniels' home security cameras caught something she never thought she'd see – someone returning her stolen American Pride Flag that was burnt to a crisp.

"It almost symbolic of hate," Daniels said. "They came back and just dropped it off at our house, it was hurtful. It hurt our hearts and it scared us to no end."

flag thrower 2

Two weeks ago, someone stole the flag and snapped the flagpole in the process. Daniels and her wife thought it was kids. Last Friday, their cameras caught a person tossing the charred flag on their front bench.

"The fact that they felt emboldened enough to do it and that they have so much hate for someone, it's just mindboggling," Daniels said.

The mother of two filed a report with the Folsom Police Department. Police told CBS13 they are investigating and considering the act a hate crime.

The department said investigators have asked for DNA analysis of the flag to try to identify the suspect. They are also asking for anyone who has information about the crime or can identify the suspect in the video to call the police.

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The burning of the flag is something that Daniels hasn't broken to her kids yet.

"I hope they don't find out, but if they do, we'll have another teachable moment with them. And that this what happened; we don't know why they did it," Daniels said.

Her neighbors don't know why either.

"It's one thing for someone to run up and grab a flag, but to burn it and return it is a symbol of hate and intolerance," Joy Rosenquist, a neighbor, said.

It's a deliberate act that's fanning the flames of prejudice. Daniels has a message for the people who burned her flag.

"Really think, truly, is this something you want to have be your legacy when you grow up? Is this something you want to remember and be remembered for?" she said.

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