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VIDEO: Folsom Man Accused Of Drunkenly Attacking Gate Agent At Seattle Airport

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — New video has been released of a Folsom man reportedly assaulting an Alaska Airlines employee at the Seattle-Tacoma International last month. The alarming attack began over the wearing of a mask.

Authorities say Mark Allen Hicks was trying to board a slight to Sitka without a mask. Although he eventually put one on, agents then said he was too drunk to fly, but he was determined to board anyway.

CBS13 affiliate KIRO reported that the 47-year-old man flew into Seattle from Sacramento on Aug. 24.

Gate agents say Hicks tried to push past several employees, knocking agent Jill Simpson Lopotsky to the ground. The impact partially dislocated Lopotsky's shoulder and hurt her back, KIRO reported. She was taken to a hospital as a precaution.

Officials say Hicks was taken to the King County Jail and later released on bond.

Alaska Airlines implemented a mask mandate on Aug. 5 and said anyone who would not wear a mask during the flight would not be allowed to fly with the airline again.

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