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Folsom Company Says Covered California Plan It Paid For Hasn't Arrived

FOLSOM (CBS13) — A Folsom company says it enrolled its employees in an insurance plan through Covered California, but they don't have any access to their health insurance.

"If I call Covered California, they don't talk to me. They tell me to go to my broker," said Paul Curry, "but my broker says they aren't talking to him."

It's a helpless and frustrating feeling for Curry as he followed all of the steps to get health coverage for his four full-time employees. But after three months, Covered California has still not activated the health plans.

"We've paid each month, and none of my employees have cards," he said. "We can't go get health care."

His company United Reported Publishing has made three payments of $3,700 each. Each of the more than $11,000 in checks has been cashed by Covered California, yet no account numbers or cards have been delivered.

"So close to $12,000 that I could have taken and thrown out the window, and my employees would be in the same place that they are today," Curry said.

Brei, who did not want to show her face on camera, says she has had to jump through several hoops to try and get a simple prescription filled.

"I figured I'd be able to call Kaiser, make an appointment. At least have a medical card or something saying that I have coverage, but we don't that," she said.

When Brei finally went to see a doctor, Kaiser told her they did not have any record of coverage, and she would be responsible for the bill.

We tried all day to get answers from Covered California, only to get a written statement late in the afternoon saying, "We are aware of this issue, and working diligently on a resolution."

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