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Folsom approves funding to honor singer Johnny Cash with series of art sculptures

Johnny Cash to be honored with series of art sculptures in Folsom
Johnny Cash to be honored with series of art sculptures in Folsom 02:08

FOLSOM — Johnny Cash is a legend in the Northern California city of Folsom. This week, the city council approved funding to honor the famous singer with a series of public art sculptures.

A site near the Rainbow Bridge in the city of folsom will soon become a tribute to the late singer. A seven-foot-tall sculpture of a guitar pick will be placed here.

Tom Hellmann with the City of Folsom said it's the first of eight sculptures that will be dedicated to the Man in Black.

"It's going to tell a story and people can come here to hear that story and also understand a little bit of the history of Johnny's time here in 1968," Hellmann said.

That's the year Cash performed a live concert inside Folsom State Prison and recorded a multi-platinum album there.

The artwork will be placed along a 2.5-mile stretch of trail named after the singer that runs past the prison walls. People will be able to walk the line and learn about the singer's history.

"As you're walking along the trail and you're not expecting it, the next thing you know, boom, there's that beautiful piece and it's going to create an opportunity for people to engage with the art as they're enjoying the trail itself," Hellmann said.

There will be a total of two picks – one at each end of the trail.

The bronze sculptures are being crafted by Romo Studios in Sacramento, and the artist said he chose that long-lasting metal for a specific reason.

"With an individual like Johnny, whose music has withstood time and every generation has rediscovered it, bronze is the fitting material to tell that story," Adan Romo said.

The Johnny Cash Trail is already one of the most popular recreation spots in town.

"We see upwards of 12,000 visitors a month on this trail that are walking, biking, walking dogs," Hellmann said.

Many who regularly use this path like the artwork idea.

"I think it's awesome," said. "I love this community, and the recognition they do for Johnny Cash here is amazing."

Funding for the first pick sculpture comes mostly from community donations, and a state grant is paying for the majority of the second pick.

Each costs just over $500,000. The first is scheduled to be installed later this year.

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