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Firefighters Build Ramp For Dialysis Patient Who Suffered Fall

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — Emergency responders went above the call of duty following a 911 call of a fall; they show up with tools and wood to build a ramp.

"I said well that sounds wonderful, it would be great, it would be helpful," said Hannah Zoulas as crews bandaged up her husband.

They were firefighters from Station 72 in Cool, Captain Jason Snyder and Brock Pruter.

Nick Zoulas and his wife Hannah have been married for more than 60 years, and just recently they've needed some extra help.

The front steps of their hillside home were making it especially difficult for Nick to get to dialysis appointments.

His transporter said the steps were too dangerous for the wheelchair.

"A couple of guys quit coming because they weren't about to go up that walkway," Nick said.

Which is why last week's emergency call to their home was really a much-needed miracle.

"We determined that he wasn't really injured. He just needed a bandage on his elbow," Snyder said.

Firefighters soon realized what the couple really needed was a ramp, both inside and out. The couple has two steps to get through the front door and inside, one step to enter the rest of the house.

"I think it's something we take for granted, the ability to just walk up a flight of stairs, or even just a step or two," Pruter added.

And just like that, the two built the ramps, and Nick was on a roll.

"It was a pretty simple task for us to throw something together for them, pretty cheaply done, and quickly done we had the time and ability," said Snyder who wasn't expecting any extra attention.

"We are happy to do it. It's something that we would do for our grandparents or our parents and that's why we're here," Brock said.

But most importantly it allows Nick to continue treatment.

"It makes me feel safe you know I'm not bouncing off the stairs," he said.

To the Zoulas' it means the world.

"They are the nicest guys and they work so hard and to help us, you know they didn't have to," Hannah said.

Just some simple carpentry that's built a bond and will last a lifetime.

"It's really meant a lot," she said.

These Cool firefighters aren't quite done. They want to inspect the rest of the walkway to make sure there aren't any more falls.

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