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DA Drops Felony Charges Against Auburn Hometown Hero Dalton Dyer

AUBURN (CBS13) — He's an Auburn hometown hero, a former foster child and high school football star who was taken in by his coach — and now Dalton Dyer is no longer facing three felony charges for something he says he didn't do.

dalton and sisters
Dalton Dyer and his sisters at a protest.

For years Dyer has proclaimed his innocence following a 2018 arrest, and so have many in the largely white community of Auburn.

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His story hasn't changed since 2018 when his cousin was pulled over for a suspected DUI while he was riding in the car. Dyer says he was given permission to get out of the car and then tased several times.

The initial arrest report lists a misdemeanor charge of obstruction, but an officer later filed three supplemental felony charges stating Dyer hit him. Neither his cousin nor a second officer reportedly saw the punch.

"How would I be able to throw a punch if you have my hands? And so that's why I've asked for a body camera," Dyer said. 

Auburn police say the officer's body cameras had been sent out for repairs and they have not had dash cameras in over a decade. But Dalton refused to take a plea, demanding his chance to prove his innocence in court.

"Because it's accountability. At the end of the day, would you admit to something that you didn't do?" Dyer said. "I'm willing to go to jail fighting this."

Now after two years and the threat of three felonies and two strikes, the District Attorney suddenly filed a motion to dismiss the most serious charges, stating it was "in the interest of justice."

"With a district attorney who's in charge of carrying this case, can no longer defend those charges — that's justice," Dyer said. 

Dyer still faces the misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest, which he plans to continue to fight. He's due back in court in December.

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