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Feed The Frontlines: Restaurants Making A Difference Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

SACRAMENTO (CBS13)- Limelight Bar and Café is partnering with other restaurants aiming to raise $50,000 to keep their essential businesses open while also giving back to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

The project is called Feed The Frontlines 916, where online donation money goes directly toward creating meals for healthcare workers.

"You feel like you are all in it together. It's really been a very kind effort by many people," said John Mikacich, Owner of Limelight Bar and Café.

The project is allowing restaurants to stay open, giving employees a steady income.

"They need the income right now and their staff needs the income right now," Mikacich said. "We are trying hard to help our team make ends meet and to keep our business alive so that we can be there on the other side of this crisis."

Feed The Frontlines is giving UC Davis Health employees and others free meals.

"I think it's substantial for all the people who are out there today you know they are working to keep us safe," said Elizabeth Abad, with UC Davis Health.

It's a movement making a difference for two different types of essential workers with one common goal.

"We are trying to share the love," Abad said.

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