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FBI Issues Memo About Newest Barbie Doll Debut

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) --  A Barbie backlash is building after the FBI issued an official warning about a doll they worry will become a tool for sex offenders.

She is the doll of the season and already a sell-out thanks to her high-tech tool, a video camera.

Video Girl Barbie seems to be a hit with the girls, but disturbing to some parents concerned about the camera.

"I think it's creepy because you don't know where that dolls gonna go, and what it's gonna see," says Danie Peterson.

It could see something that ends up in the hands of a predator, according to the FBI.

 An internal cyber crime alert from the Sacramento office obtained by CBS13 warns:

"Law enforcement is encouraged to be aware of unconventional avenues for the possible production and possession of child pornography, such as Barbie Video Girl."

The memo goes to warn that the toy's technology can capture 30 minutes of video that can be played back on the tiny LCD screen, or downloaded and shared.

"The way technology is these days, the way that predators are so advanced now with the internet and so forth.  Yeah, it could pose as a concern," says Roby Buenafe.

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