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FBI: California Sees 12 Percent Rise In Violent Crime

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Disturbing numbers released by the FBI show California neighborhoods are at a greater risk for violent crimes.

Michael Rushford with the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation says California needs more voices.

"The public is going to have to speak up," he said.

According to the FBI, violent crime was up by about 12 percent in California between 2014 and 2015. Crime levels have been relatively low in recent years.

"We are still seeing increases that are very disturbing," he said.

Violent crime, including battery or simple assaults, is up by 25 percent in the capital city, as are aggravated assaults that send victims to the hospital. Robberies are up 23 percent.

"The real answers are going have to be changes in policy," Rushford said.

He blames voter-approved Proposition 47 and Gov. Jerry Brown's prison realignment plan for the issues.

"We told the governor and the legislature four years ago when they passed realignment that we were going to see this impact," he said.

He's not surprised Brown focused more on his accomplishments during Thursday's State of the State address.

"The governor didn't mention a word about this 12 percent increase in crime in California in his speech last night. Well, that's a lot of people victimized and he just didn't mention it," he said.

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