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Reality Sets In For Fawn Fire Evacuees In Shasta County

REDDING (CBS13) — The flames and smoke of the Fawn Fire were impacting thousands in Shasta County, but as the evacuation orders went out, reality set in.

"Talking about it makes it more real, I think," said evacuee Shellene Croxton.

Croxton let out an uncomfortable and anxious laugh, which is all some can get out when they see flames heading toward their home.

And according to Cal Fire, this may not be an accident. Employees working near the J-F Shea and Mountain Gate Quarries reported seeing a woman trespassing at the property and acting irrationally. They say they saw 30-year-old Alexandra Souverneva walk out of the brush near the fire line—at one point approaching firefighters saying she was dehydrated and needed medical treatment.

But after being interviewed, officials believe she started the fire. We checked social media—her LinkedIn profile displays her current title as "Shaman" and lists a graduate degree in environmental science and forestry.

"I'm anxious and I'm not happy about that. We've suffered enough here in the north state," said evacuee Susan Eversole.

Meantime, residents forced to leave their homes had to move from one evacuation site to another—not knowing what they'd return to—as the fire advanced. It's not clear how many people may be impacted as people living in other areas were warned to be ready to leave if more evacuations are ordered.

A fire that may have been started on purpose is now threatening lives, as not everyone is willing to leave the life they built.

"I'm more worried about my husband not leaving, you know, I can replace everything else," Croxton said.

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