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Farmers Fed Up With People Taking Selfies In Their Sunflower Fields

SOLANO COUNTY (CBS13) — Deputies say adventurous tourists are taking their selfies too far in Solano County.

Farmers said their sunflower fields near Dixon are being treated like parks and they're losing crops. They said people are doing photo shoots and taking engagement pictures with props. Some people are even having picnics, ignoring the no trespassing signs.

One woman taking selfies Tuesday in a field near Curry Road described the sunflower fields as an "amazing landscape."

Joanna Ongsarte, visiting from Elk Grove said: "We love sunflowers."

But farmers said this love is literally going too far. Too far into their fields.

"They're having picnics, wine and cheese right there in the corner and I'm going 'Really?'" said Craig Ginos, a sunflower farmer.

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Ginos said people destroy his crops and disturb the cross-pollination process, which kills plants. Ginos depends on his sunflowers for income.

"Normally, I'm too busy to stop, but if I have time I will get out and asked them to leave," he said.

Solano County Sheriff's Deputies are getting involved, confronting people who are doing this and warning them about trespassing.

"We understand the allure, it's a beautiful county. We like for you to come and visit but we don't want you to damage property," said Deputy Cully Pratt.

Pratt said people forget or don't realize they're breaking the law and it could cost them.

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"So these people are either blocking the roadway, which you can't do. Or they are criminally trespassing and you can't do that either," Pratt said.

Pratt said there have been up to 150 cars parked out at the fields at popular times like sunset on the weekends

How are people from all over the state finding these fields? Farmers said selfie seekers are posting the location to social media and on popular blogging sites.

CBS13 asked farmers about putting up a gate to block people from driving down back roads near the sunflower fields. Ginos said this would hurt his work because he needs to be able to get his machines in and out easily.

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