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Family's Pig Found Brutally Beaten Before Fair

GALT (CBS13) — Weeks before it was set to show at the Sacramento County Fair, a family's pig was found brutally beaten with a rake.

Jiblet walks with a limp, covered in scratches and bruises. She hasn't been her usual friendly self since the beating she endured. Her owner Alix Lundy believes she'll never be able to show her after what she's been through.

"I can only imagine what actually she went through," Alix said. "She used to love when you pet her. Now she's really flinchy when you touch her, and she'll want to walk away from you."

Alix says she came out to their pen yesterday morning to find Jiblet and another pig, Ralo, missing. Jiblet was eventually found in a field a quarter mile down the road, covered in scratches and very scared.

"I don't understand how someone could ever have the heart to beat an animal, especially as friendly as they are," Alix said.

But there's been no sign of Ralo.

Alix says she found a rake nearby that someone used to beat Jiblet with, as well as a garden hose she believes they tried to tie around her pigs.

"This part of it was just completely bent out and they must have hit the pig, or pigs, so hard that this piece actually flew off, and this piece was just splintered everywhere."

In two weeks, Alix was planning on showing Jiblet and Ralo at her very first fair competition. She's been working for months to train and pay for it.

"I mowed lawns, I cleaned my neighbors house, I babysitted," she said. "When you see all the hard work that I actually put into my pigs, and everything I had to do to make this possible, it just, it puts your hopes down."

Now Alix is forced to sit on the sidelines at an event she's waited her whole life to be a part of. And learn a hard lesson no one her age should have to.

"Now I'm just going to go to the fair while my friends are showing, because I want to root them on."

Her plan now is to dedicate her time to nursing Jiblet back to health. In the meantime, she's changed her name to Survivor. Alix is also keeping her at another farm in case someone tries to come back for her.

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