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Family Gaines: Four Sacramento Sisters Expecting To Give Birth Within Months Of Each Other

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Four Sacramento sisters are expecting to give birth to their babies just months apart from each other.

Caroline, Amy, Haley and Katie – the Gaines sisters – are four siblings that were all born just 18 months apart.

They are close-knit as can be and are celebrating this life-changing moment together.

"So the fact that we are all having babies together, it kind of feels like childhood all over again," Amy Gossett said.

"It was magical finding out that we get to go through this experience together," Caroline Toth said.

Emotions were overflowing for the sisters, who have each other to lean on during pandemic pregnancies.

"The amount of support that we can have, calling each other almost daily, has been, honestly, the coolest ever," Toth said.

"Yes! Where it's like, 'This just started for me, have you had any of these symptoms yet? Oh yeah, me too,' " Gossett said.

These sisters are welcoming four new grandchildren into their family. Their father, Ted Gaines, a former state senator and prominent California political figure, is more than ready to have more "constituents" to look after.

"Absolutely. It's very exciting. We're going to have two boys and two girls," he said. "Blessings come in 2021 and part of that is having four new grandchildren."

It's an exciting, potentially hectic future for Gaines and his wife Beth to juggle the time to make it to sports games and recitals. But, they're always going to be attending back-to-back-to-back-to-back birthdays.

"We have three grandchildren now and we're going to go to seven. So, we're trying to figure out how do we do this?" Gaines said.

"We might need to do some group birthday parties," Toth said.

These baby bumps are symbolizing new beginnings in a year that's been filled with obstacles as was the last.

The Gaines sisters are determined to hand-deliver a strong message of hope.

"It's just instant happiness, you know, during a time that can feel so kind of dark. Everybody is kind of searching for those happy moments," Gossett said.

Katie, who was the first Gaines sister who found out she was expecting, could be giving birth any day now. Last Sunday was her due date.

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