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Family Of Five Goes Four Months Without Working Refrigerator During Pandemic

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A mom who feeds five people says she's gone four months during the pandemic without a working refrigerator. Sick of waiting through several failed repairs, Kristy Frey posted an amusing social media rant and called Kurtis.

"In case you haven't noticed, I wrote 'Sears sucks' on my fridge. It's because it's broken. It's been broken for four months. Since April 3rd. April 3rd. Yeah. May, June, July. August. What? Four months without a fridge, and during a pandemic, feeding a family of five. Do you think that's a little bit ridiculous? I do," Frey said in her Facebook video.

We saw the video Monday night and immediately contacted Sears corporate about her 2015 Kenmore Elite with a broken compressor. The refrigerator was under warranty, but Frey says several repairmen were unable to fix it.

On Tuesday morning, Sears contacted Kristy and invited her to come and pick out a new refrigerator.

"I'm through the roof!" she said. "To have a fridge back in the house will be exciting!"

Kristy plans to pick out her new refrigerator Wednesday. She says she also got an extra $500 credit for the inconvenience, which she plans to apply toward a bigger refrigerator.

Sears would not say what happened or why Kristy had to live with a broken refrigerator for four months, but they did say they regret the delay.

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