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Family Calls On Sacramento Triple Homicide Suspect To Turn Himself In

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A family is trying to find comfort in the face of tremendous grief after the murder of three of their family members.

The victims' family members spoke out for the first time on Wednesday as Sacramento police continue their search for the 52-year-old suspect Jerod Watson. They said they are refusing to let hate fester in their hearts and are instead praying for Watson to do the right thing.

"We would like to say that we don't hate you, we're not bitter we are hurt," said family spokesperson Jerome McGee Sr. "And if you want to do something, turn yourself in."

It's a call for surrender from a family that's still trying to wrap their heads around the murder of three of their loved ones.

"It's not easy," McGee Sr. said. "How could something like this happen to people like this? To this family who has done so much for the community?"

Sacramento police say 68-year-old Christine Lucas was found stabbed to death inside an apartment complex off Broadway. Her two grandsons, 20-year-old James Ferrell and 23-year-old Marquise Brown, were also found dead inside.

McGee Sr. says Tina – as she was fondly called – was a generous soul.

"She was a mother to many people in the community and she is going to be greatly missed," McGee Sr. said.

Investigators believe Watson is responsible for the murders. He's the ex-boyfriend of Lucas' daughter. Investigators say he has a history of domestic violence and think he may have used this SUV to leave the state.

Now, with funeral services in the works, McGee Sr. says the family is finding comfort and guidance in their faith.

"His judge is far greater than we are," McGee Sr. said. "The one just true judge is the Lord, Jesus Christ himself. He'll have to answer to him."

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