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Fairfield-Suisuin School District Cutting Sports, Arts In Fall

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) - The Fairfield-Suisuin Unified School District says cutting football, basketball, baseball, and other programs will save millions of dollars this fall.

School officials really got an ear full Wednesday night, and to say that the parents and students are upset is an understatement.

Emotions are running high at Armijo High School in Fairfield.
Parents and students packed the gym, wondering why this fall sports as they know it are over.

"As a parent what am I supposed to do?" said one parent.

"You have to keep your grades for sports. What are we going to do without them?" said stuendet Anastasia Garrido-Ramirez. "There's nothing to do without them."

The district is hoping to cut $6.5 million from its budget, and it's not just sports getting cut. The slashing also includes theater, band and other school clubs.

It's a decision that was made in February.

"These cuts have already been approved by the board," said Principal Eric Tretten.

The news is shocking to young people who were banking on a possible sports scholarship to fund their education.

"They haven't helped our students, only taken away," said a parent.

Board members were not at the school meeting Wednesday night and parents want to know why.

"I would like to hear from doctor whatever her name is, up there on Hillbourne, and let us know from her mouth what's going on," said one parent.

Many are concerned about idle time.

"They better increase their budget for more police officers, because basically, these kids won't have any hope," said parent Bryan Stewart.

This is probably just the beginning. The school board is expected to hear a lot more emotional outcry Thursday night.

The school district will hold a formal meeting Thursday night in Fairfield.

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