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What To Expect During Accused Golden State Killer's Guilty Plea On Monday

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — In just days, the accused East Area Rapist is set to admit to decades of terrorizing California families.

For decades the East Area Rapist, also known as the Golden State Killer, was faceless, but on Monday, the man accused will face his victims in person inside a Sacramento State University ballroom and is expected to admit to violent crimes in detail.

Joseph DeAngelo is accused of murder, kidnapping and rape but is only charged with some of those crimes. Survivors wait to see what he will admit to.

"It's kind of an uncomfortable place for all of us to be right now I think," said Gay Hardwick, who was raped at her home in Stockton in 1978.

During the hearing, DeAngelo is expected to give up his rights to a trial. The case would be over.

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"Guilty pleas are usually short and sweet, but in a case like this it's going to be longer and more detailed," said Gabriel Chin, a UC Davis Criminal Law expert.

Chin said it's likely DeAngelo will have to respond to each charge one by one, spelling out exactly what he's guilty of.

"What facts the defendant is admitting that justify the guilty plea, why does the person thinks they're guilty of this offense," Chin said.

It's possible DeAngelo may admit to crimes he was not charged with. That's what Hardwick will be listening for.

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"A whole new trauma that I hadn't expected was realizing after all this time, and the apprehending of a suspect, that I still would not see justice for me personally," Hardwick said.

Sacramento-based attorney Mark Reichel said the victims won't get to speak at the hearing Monday, but their opportunity will come at DeAngelo's sentencing.

"In California, the law is that victims are actually giving input into plea agreements and they're also given input into the sentencing," he said.

Monday's hearing is about more than just the guilty plea. Nearly two hundred people, including survivors, will have a chance to hear the truth from their accused attacker.

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