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Vacaville Pastor's Ex-Girlfriend Says He Tried To Hurt Her, Family Since Break Up

VACAVILLE (CBS13) - From pulpit to accused culprit, police say a Vacaville pastor hired three homeless people to firebomb a family, while he claims he's done nothing wrong.

In the last 24 hours, Pastor Mark Lewis, 39, went from handcuffs to a house of worship. But, he says he isn't even clear about the charges he's facing.

"I haven't heard about any of the accusations. I haven't heard any of them," said Lewis.

However, he did hear about the firebombing accusation.

"Well, yeah, that's what the gentlemen did the other day -- the two guys and a girl," said Lewis.

Lewis was arrested and booked into Solano County Jail on charges of arson, conspiracy, and stalking, before bailing out Saturday night.

On Sunday, Lewis was back at his church to deliver a sermon. He also spoke with CBS13, saying he did't know anything.

"I haven't heard anything; I haven't heard any of it," said Lewis.

Dozens of parishioners showed up to hear him speak at Fellowship Baptist Church.

"It's easy to put it on me, to pin it on me if someone is putting the finger there. And of course, I think the police have an agenda also," said Lewis.

Lewis is accused of paying three homeless people to firebomb his ex-girlfriend's home while her family was asleep inside.

"That's a sad statement because I never did pay them. I never gave them any money to do anything bad," said Lewis.

"That's the sickest part about it, is that this man claims to be a man of God," said ex-girlfriend Sarah Nottingham.

She says, ever since their breakup last year, Lewis has been trying to hurt her and her family. Nottingham says she has an active restraining order against the pastor for vandalizing her car and setting fire to her bushes.

"I'm living in a nightmare. My kids are so scared. My son knows that this is his previous pastor that is threatening his mommy and his family," said Nottingham.

The man of God is now in a legal battle that could put the future of his church at risk.

"A lot of people are going to accuse, throw accusations out there. But until the facts come out, why don't we just wait and see how that goes and let the court decide," said Lewis.

Parishioners say the restraining order was served to Lewis last Sunday in the middle of a service, but say they don't believe the charges and are standing by him.

Records show Lewis is due in court on Tuesday, relating to the restraining order filed by his ex-girlfriend.

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