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Entire Staff Quits Noah's Bagels In Vacaville In Protest — And Video Goes Viral

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — An entire staff at a Vacaville bagel shop quit their jobs in protest, and now the video they posted to TikTok showing their final day is going viral with six million views.

William Cox-Booth is one of the 16 Noah's Bagels staff members recorded on the video all quitting in protest on the same day. Every single staff member resigned at once.

"We all walked in at the same time, we dropped off our keys, we wrote a note saying that we quit," Cox-Booth said.

Cox-Booth described it as a response to a toxic workplace: A beloved manager fired, and a district supervisor responded to complaints with a threat everyone could be replaced.

Noah's Bagels did not respond to CBS13's requests for a comment.

"For us, it was when they said they could replace us," Cox-Booth said. "When you belittle someone to the point where they don't want to work for you anymore, why would I want to spend eight hours of my day for a company that doesn't appreciate me and what I bring to this company?"

The video has not only racked up millions of views but thousands of comments.

"They keep clicking on it because they see a group of people and a group of kids going in and standing up for what they believe in," Cox-Booth said.

Bre Kowalski is the beloved bagel boss whose firing got employees fired up to begin with.

"It's been unreal," Kowalski said.

She said she wants her former employees to know she has gratitude for their act.

"I love you all so much. This was absolutely not expected," Kowalski said. "but I am so grateful for every one of their support and for having my back and for having each other's backs, too."

A business backlash gone viral is leaving a Vacaville bagel shop with a big hole in its operations.

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