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What To Pack In An Earthquake Emergency Kit

Living in Northern California, it's a good idea to always be prepared for an earthquake -- big or small. An emergency earthquake kit can help you and your family survive when a disaster strikes.

Erica Arteseros, NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams) Coordinator for the San Francisco Fire Department gave us an idea of what you need to pack in your earthquake kit.

Arteseros said clean, drinking water must be in your earthquake kit.

"Water is the number one thing we need when we're preparing for an earthquake," said Artesero. "We'll have trouble with water in and water out, so having drinking water is critical."


Food & water
At least 1 day supply of food and water – but preferably 3 days. You may need water treatment tablets since safe drinking water may be scarce Dehydrated foods – that don't have to be cooked – – or require minimal cooking. Canned foods are much heavier

Cooking supplies
Pot for boiling water
Waterproof matches
Portable stove
Eating utensils plastic.

Clothes and shelter
- Portable tent
- Socks – at least 2 pairs of clean warm dry socks
- Waterproof jacket or poncho with hood
- Rain pants
- Warm sweater
- Fleece or wool tarp or blanket

Medicine and first aid
- 3 to 5 day supply of your RX including your pet medication
- OTC aspirin, ibuprofen, allergy medication, anti-diarrhea
- Gauze
- Tape
- Cleanser
- Tweezers
- Duct tape

Power and communications
- Battery-powered AM/FM radio
- Solar charger for phone
- Extra batteries

Miscellaneous items
- Compass
- Whistle
- Swiss army knife
- Cash
- Flashlight
- Toilet Paper
- Knife
- Plastic sheeting
- Flint to start a fire
- Maps
- Soap/Hand sanitizer/Wet wipes
- Personal hygiene
- Steel wool
- Garbage bags

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