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Elk Grove Woman's Mold Discovery In Child's Capri-Sun Goes Viral

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — An Elk Grove woman's discovery of something that looked like a worm in a Capri-Sun drink has gone viral on Facebook.

Aldo and his sister Hazel grabbed two Capri-Sun's on a hot day. But nothing came out of Aldo's drink because something was stuck in the straw.

"And I took out the straw and it was right there."

Something that they say looked like a worm.

"It was gross."

Believe it or not, Ashley Hibbard say she'd seen a picture on Facebook a few weeks back and read about a similar story.

Now, she says the same thing happened to these two, her boyfriend's little brother and sister.

"It was like slimy and like whitish like pink. It was just like it was gross."

It may look like a worm, but we've reached out to Kraft Foods, the company behind Capri-Sun. They say it may be mold.

"We can't say for certain without examining the pouch in question, but it does look like mold we have seen in the past."

"Although it's very rare, because Capri-Sun does not contain any artificial preservatives, it is possible for food mold to grow inside a pouch that has been punctured and is exposed to air."

Ashley shared the photo on Facebook. She's now shocked to learn her post went viral, shared nearly a quarter-million times.

"No wonder I'm getting a lot of friend requests."

From now on, Ashley has switched to a drink with a clear container. No chance of any more slimy surprises.

"I have little brothers, cousins, sisters, and I don't want them to drink that and have that come up. That's foul."

Ashley has been in touch with the company, and says they offered her a replacement case of the drink. Needless to say she wasn't interested.

Kraft Foods says it's spent more than $2 million to make the pouches stronger. They recommend parents check for leaks before serving the drink to their kids.

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