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Elk Grove Teens Given Sobering Assembly On DUI

ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Laguna Creek High School's gym was transformed into a court of law Friday morning, giving teenagers a lesson on the consequences of drinking and driving.

"Have you had sufficient time to talk with your lawyer about the elements of the offense?" said Judge Mike Savage from the Sacramento County Superior Court.

No actors were at this school assembly.

"Before I accept your plea, you must give up certain constitutional rights," Savage said.

Present were real representatives from the public defender's office, the district attorney's office and a real defendant facing serious DUI charges.

Friday, she was sentenced for something she admits doing: driving drunk on Super Bowl Sunday.

She was arrested, booked and – at the risk of embarrassment – agreed to have her judgment day in front of hundreds of teens at Laguna Creek as an object lesson and warning.

Judge Savage read off a laundry list of fines costing thousands and sentenced her to three years probation.

"And even a simple DUI for these kids has huge collateral consequences," Judge Savage said.

The judge's message about drinking and driving was driven home: DUI can not only hit you in the pocket, but can be deadly.

"It's something that should not be taken so lightly," said Solomiya Ilnisky, a Laguna Creek Senior.

Sacramento County has seen 43 of these sobering assemblies over the past three years.


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