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Elk Grove Neighborhood Hit By Flooding After Levee Breaks

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Another broken levee along the Cosumnes River leads to major flooding and water rescues in Elk Grove.

The Point Pleasant neighborhood was placed under a voluntary evacuation order Thursday, although fire crews had to extricate some homeowners whose homes flooded.

Neighbors helped protect each other's homes using sandbags, but one family wasn't as lucky.

"There's two houses, one of them is flooded and the other isn't."

It's the first major storm for 14-year old Jesus Vargas.

He and his father loaded up their horses Thursday morning.

Vargas says they aren't coming back home until the floodwaters recede.

"My dad took four horses to a friend's house and other four to another friend's house," Vargas added.

"The concern isn't so much the local rain, it's the rain that's falling all around us and the waters that are coming down the rivers," said Cosumnes Fire Chief Tracey Hansen.

A voluntary evacuation order was issued for the Point Pleasant neighborhood early Thursday morning after a levee broke along the Cosumnes River, sending water rushing into the area.

Cosumnes fire crews rescued more than a dozen people from their homes and the roadways using boats.

"This sort of thing happened in '97 and we weren't ready for it, but this year we took extra precautions," said Jeremy Simoes, who lives in the neighborhood.

Simoes has been helping his cousin move his livestock for the last few days, knowing the area could flood.

But Simoes isn't leaving his home.

"I have work to do around here with my cows, I need to make sure they are good," Simoes said.

With more flooding expected in the coming days, County officials are hoping residents take cover elsewhere.

The Cosumnes Fire Department has brought in additional crews to continue rescue efforts over the next few days.

An evacuation center has been set up by the Red Cross at Laguna Town Hall in Elk Grove.

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