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Elk Grove Woman's Lost Ring Returned After Customer Finds It In Shopping Bag

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Family heirlooms hold a special place in all of our hearts, just like Geena Ford's diamond ring.

"I got it from my great-grandmother. My Nana," Ford said.  "A lot of my jewelry is from family so, it's like I keep it dear to my heart."

elk grove geena ford
Geena Ford with her great-grandmother.

A couple of weeks ago, Ford's heart dropped one day at work when she was helping a customer at a Home Goods on Bruceville Road in Elk Grove.

"I went on the register for the 45 minutes I was there, I had lost my ring," Ford said.

She looked everywhere for her great-grandma's ring.

"My whole team looked all over the front, all over the store. We looked on the camera," Ford said. "I thought it was gone."

The 18-year-old Howard University freshman said she started to work more hours and started saving to buy a similar-looking ring to her great-grandmothers. Thanks to a social media post on an Elk Grove community Facebook page and some early morning Christmas wrapping, one could say a holiday miracle happened.

"My mom had posted like a flyer on the Elk Grove forum about my ring," Ford said.

"I was dumping out gifts and out came a ring and I was like this is not mine," Joyce Chock, who found the lost ring, said.

Ford's ring had slipped off her finger and into Chock's bag of Christmas gifts from Home Goods. She told CBS13 saw remember seeing the Facebook post about the lost ring, reached out and gave Ford an early Christmas present on Saturday.

"Oh, the mom was very thankful. She said it was a Christmas miracle. I'm just glad that they got it back," Chock said.

A purposeful act of kindness during a trying time.

"It just made me realize that there's still good people out there because I didn't have that much faith in someone coming up or doing the right thing," Ford said. "But, there are still people doing that."

On Monday, it was the first time Ford put the ring on since it had been returned. She said there's one thing on her to-do list when it comes to this cherished ring; making sure it doesn't slip away again.

"I have to get it resized. Clearly, I have to get it resized," Ford said.

Ford said that she and her mother offered Chock a reward for finding and returning the ring. She told CBS13 that Chock turned it down; just wanting to get it back to its owner.

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