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Elk Grove Businessman Helps Over Turn Sign Ordinance To Promote New Business

ELK GROVE (CBS13) - A local builder has gotten the green light to promote his future business with new signs on the freeway, after a sign ordinance was overturned.

It's been a process, but Gil Moore can be sure, motorists on Highway 99 will now know where to find him.

"I plan on building a 13,000 square foot convenience store," he said.

You can't see it from the highway, but now the risk of being invisible is gone.

"It's going to have McDonald's, a Subway, a yogurt shop, a beer cave, a wine and liquor shop. We'll sell fresh groceries," said Moore.

Four and a half acres sitting between Highway 99 and E. Stockton Boulevard, and just south of Sheldon Road will be advertised on the freeway.

"The sign will be as high as feasible to allow visibility for about a half mile. The sign panels will be a five to seven foot square decorated two-pole sign," said Moore.

For him it's a victory.

"We need to get people off the road in order to make this project work," he said.

He refused to move forward with his plans until a sign was approved.

"Usually, traffic off the freeway increases your business by a minimum of 20 percent," said Moore.

It was that argument that helped Moore convince the Elk Grove City Council to change an existing ordinance to allow a sign.

"The city council said they don't want to change the rules for one person. They want to change the rules for the best of the community, and what would be good for all businesses," said Moore.

Getting the council on board has been just one piece. It's been a battle with the community for seven years.

"They don't want the town to be inundated with pole signs that are ugly," said Moore.

But he claims the whole area will be upscale, and the sign will have strict guidelines. Moore says it's a win for all businesses.

"I know if you don't do it, it's suicide, especially if you spend this kind of money on a project," said Moore.

Questions have also come up regarding Moore's contributions to council member campaigns in Elk Grove.

The businessman says that for the past 30 years he's often supported local and state government campaigns.

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