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EDD Insider Says 600K Unemployed Not Receiving Payments

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Thousands of struggling Californians were promised they would get paid their money by this weekend after a computer glitch delayed their unemployment payments.

But some of those payments still haven't come. Now, a state worker is speaking out, claiming the Employment Development Department isn't admitting just how bad the problem is.

The EDD worker was so scared to go on camera to reveal the truth, so CBS13 agreed to hide the worker's identity.

The employee says instead of thousands, it's hundreds of thousands of people who haven't gotten their money on time.

Victoria Ford is forced to live on just 71 cents as she waits for EDD to deposit her unemployment money like the agency promised.

EDD spokesperson Loree Levy told CBS13 on Friday that thousands of struggling people who haven't received their benefits could expect payment Saturday.

EDD tells people to expect 10 days to get their unemployment money. But thousands say those 10 days have come and gone, and they're still waiting.

"They told me once before 24 to 48 hours," said Ford. "They told you guys that they were going to have it this weekend. It's still not here."

Ford has now waited for 12 days.

"The program has to be fixed first before they can ever get their money," the anonymous EDD employee said.

According to the employee, EDD isn't telling the public the full story, saying the agency is only telling the truth when it says a computer glitch is to blame for the delay. The worker says EDD isn't admitting just how bad the problem is.

While EDD says 28,000 people are affected, the employee claims the real number may be closer to 600,000.

"Either they don't know the full facts or they don't want to admit it," the employee said.

Ford is doing everything she can to make money.

"Yesterday, I tried to sell my car," she said.

She now faces eviction because she couldn't pay her rent this month, and says she can't trust what EDD tells her.

"I'm not the only person. I know there's a whole lot of other people going through the same thing," said Ford.

The EDD employee tells CBS13 the new computer program is denying claims because it can't recognize handwriting on the forms.

So what is EDD doing about the issue? Does that mean these people will need to resubmit their claims?

The EDD worker says those forms have to be resubmitted and expecting a payment this weekend is a joke.

CBS13 reached out to EDD for comment several times, but did not receive any response.

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