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Drivers urged to use caution as snowfall continues in Sierra and Foothills

Drivers urged to use caution as snowfall continues in Sierra and Foothills
Drivers urged to use caution as snowfall continues in Sierra and Foothills 02:51

COLFAX -  The snow has arrived in the lower elevations, and an active winter storm warning is in effect down to 1,000 feet. Some people are excited about the snow, while others are getting ready for what could be a long few nights ahead.

In Folsom, a wintry mix of snow is falling, while in Auburn, neighbors are preparing their homes for the storm. 

Paul Schneider says they are making sure they have gas in their vehicles and are otherwise prepared. 

"If you have plants, drip systems whatever turn it off. You don't want pipes bursting," said Jennine Barnett.


As people head up I-80, the low snow turns into Sierra snow, causing traffic to come to a halt due to spinouts. Some drivers are caught off guard by chain controls, like Dave Boger, who had never put chains on before.

"We didn't realize we needed chains and I've never put chains on. So we stopped at the gas station and got chains," said driver Dave Boger.

With both Sierra and Foothill snow, it makes for a busy night for those hard at work on the roads.

Nick Anderson with Five Star Towing says on nights like this, they won't get a break, with more spinouts, crashes, and calls due to the snow. 

"To all my fellow operators, get ready guys. Gonna be a long night tonight," he said. "That means pack your lunch, pack your coffee, pack extra clothes. Good thing you've got the truck with the sleeper, 'cause you're gonna be up here a while."

His message: people are already driving too fast, and as the storm rolls in over the next few days, it's a reminder to move over and slow down for road crews trying to keep you safe.

"Especially when you see the snow plows, anything with flashing yellow lights, we are trying to get up there and open the road so you can get to your ski event. Guys, just give us the room. That's all we are asking," said Anderson.

Despite the challenges, some people are celebrating the snow, like Paul Schneider, who says they were dancing in it in Auburn.

"Oh yeah, we were out here dancing a little bit in it, it's fun!" Schneider said. 

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