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Driver Hits Red Light Camera, Then Takes Off With It

MARYSVILLE (CBS13) – The man suspected of crashing his truck into a red light camera Saturday morning, then taking off with said camera, has been arrested, police said.

According to the Marysville Police Department, a blue Toyota pickup truck crashed into a red light camera pole near the 3rd and F Street intersection a little after 6:30 a.m. Witnesses saw that the truck hit the pole head-on, causing the camera and part of the pole to fall into the bed of his truck.

"We look over and we see debris flying from one of the video poles, camera poles," said Arnold Romero, a paramedic who happened to witness the crash.

Romero and his partner Mellisa Guiney work for Bi County Ambulance. They were posted right at Rideout Memorial Hospital, just across the street.

"The pole ended up flipping over into the back of the bed of the vehicle ... the vehicle sped off and actually stopped at the next light and turned the corner from there and took off," Romero said.

The driver took off from the scene, carrying the red light camera with him, but not before witnesses took some pictures.

"And then I ended up calling the Marysville P.D. from there and after that he was just gone," Guiney said.

Later Saturday morning, Marysville police announced that the suspect driver – 19-year-old Manuel Montano Herrera – had been found. Herrera was arrested on hit-and-run and grand theft charges.

The camera and pole have also been found, police said.

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