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New Photos Details Timeline Of Deadly Downtown Sacramento Shooting That Killed 6, Injured 12

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Never-before-seen photos detailing a timeline of the deadly gang shootout on the streets of downtown Sacramento were released Tuesday along with a 40-plus page document announcing murder charges for three of the suspected gunmen.

Brothers Smiley and Dandrae Martin and the still-at-large Mtula Payton were charged with the murders of "innocent bystanders" Johntaya Alexander, Melinda Davis, and Yamile Martinez," Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said in a Tuesday afternoon press conference exactly one month after the shooting on K Street.

No charges were filed for the three men fatally shot. Based on court documents, those men were either involved in the shootout or appeared to be armed. Documents say one of those men, Sergio Harris, even had gunshot residue on his hands.

"All participants in that gun battle are responsible for the death of those innocent bystanders," Schubert said.

An image was taken from a police observation device near 10th and K streets in downtown Sacramento. Around 70-80 people were gathered near Sharif Jewelers three minutes before the gang shootout began.

"This was a gun battle between rival gang members who came armed to this scene in downtown Sacramento," Schubert said.

Another image, shared in the court documents, shows the Martin brothers and Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, one of the six people killed, outside a nightclub on K Street. The same documents show the three men were likely already armed when they arrived.

In another image taken by a police observation device, Payton and Devazia Turner, another person killed, are shown together. The documents show they were friendly.

Nearly every move of the known gang members was tracked by surveillance cameras, even down to the moment a gun was fired. Surveillance footage captured a muzzle flash in front of Turner's chest. The court documents show multiple flashes shot from where Turner and Harris stood.

An image from a video taken seconds later shows another muzzle flash, likely from an automatic weapon that investigators believe was fired by Smiley Martin.

The labels included in the court filing show exactly where the Martin brothers and Hoye-Lucchesi stood as the shootout began. Muzzle flashes from the moments when a gun was fired were caught on camera—one by Dandrae Martin toward the direction of Harris and Turner.

People in the area of the gun battle hid for cover behind trash cans or laid flat in the street.

By 2:01 in the morning, Payton was caught running towards J Street and firing back toward the chaos while he ran away from it. He has yet to be found.

"All participants in this incident—the Martin brothers, and Mtula Payton—are charged in the deaths of the innocent bystanders," the district attorney said.

The Martin brothers will be back in court at the end of May for a very different set of charges. As of last week, their lawyers were waiting on evidence and much of that was outlined in the newly released documents.

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