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Donated Technology Keeps An Eye On Sacramento Sheriff's K-9s In Extreme Heat

STOCKTON (CBS13) — After the death of a Stockton Police dog in the high heat on Tuesday, CBS13 took a look at technology designed to keep K-9 officers cool and safe.

When Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy David Kirby and his partner Rex are searching for suspects, the K-9 is usually cool under pressures. But that's not the case in the backseat of a cruiser if the air conditioning malfunctions.

"All of our vehicles are equipped with Ray Allen Heat Alarms in them," Kirby said.

To ensure strong, steady air conditioning is flowing through the vehicle, Kirby carries a high-tech device that monitors the vehicle's inside temperature, because sometimes he has to leave Rex alone in the car.

According to a recent San Francisco State study, temperatures in a closed vehicle without air conditioning can suddenly skyrocket. If the outside temperature is 110 degrees, it's close to 140 degrees or higher in the car.

"It will also vibrate and let us know if our vehicle is getting too hot inside," Kirby said of the device. He can then push a button on the remote to open the doors.

The systems cost about $1,000 and Kirby says they were donated to the sheriff's department.

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