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Dog survives 15-story Fall From Sacramento High-Rise Apartment Building

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A thirteen-year-old dog is alive tonight after falling 15 stories from one of the tallest apartment buildings in Sacramento. Call it a miracle or just doggone good luck.

"He went off that far corner of the balcony," said Bill McCourt, the dog's owner.

Sam the dog is partially blind, and his owner thinks he got confused and took a tumble. But even the vet is surprised he's alive and doing well.

Sam is looking good, considering what he's been through. He's still very bruised and swollen, with fractured ribs and a fractured pelvis. The good news, doctors tell us, he'll be home by the end of the week.

"He actually went down all 15 stories into the hot tub that you see right there," said, owner pointing at the place where Sam landed.

That's right; McCourt says Sam drifted in the air and took a dive bottom-first into the hot tub on the first floor. A neighbor drinking coffee on the balcony saw the dog on his way down. Moments later he heard a splash.

McCourt saw it with his own eyes on surveillance video, which the homeowner's association won't release.

"The dog actually, when he goes into hot tub, he hits it almost dead center and then he starts swimming immediately, instinctually in the hot tub to try to find his way out, and he got to the steps to steps and then he pulled his way out," said McCourt.

McCourt wasn't home at the time, but says Sam must have been in a state of shock because, even with broken bones, he managed to walk out of the hot tub. He walked a few feet toward a couple of maintenance workers who then pulled him to safety.

"I just assumed that he wasn't alive," said McCourt.

Sam's been at the animal hospital for the last few days. On Christmas day, he had his one and only surgery on his bottom where he landed. Doctors say it's hard to believe, but Sam will be able to walk again in just a couple of weeks.

"It's just ridiculous luck. I mean, there's just no other way about it," said McCourt.

McCourt returns to the vet to pick up Sam on Friday. Sam will be back for some check-ups, but hopefully he will stay home for good.

McCourt says he's never had problems with railings on his balcony, but now plans on adding more fencing to the area.

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