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Couple Reunites With Dog, Roo, After Car Crash In Solano County

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A local couple survived a horrific car crash then began an all-out search for their dog that was thrown from the backseat through the rear window. They were sure she was a goner, but they never gave up.

roo with stefanie and duane grows
Roo reunited with her humans Stefanie and Duane.

After a road trip to Bodega Bay on the first weekend of August, Stepfanie and Duane Grows put their three-year-old dog Roo in the car for the drive back to El Dorado Hills. But on the drive home, they were involved in a bad crash along Interstate 80 near Fairfield.

"As soon as we landed, we both looked at each other and said, 'Are you okay?' 'Yes,' 'Are you okay? 'Yes.' And then Duane turned behind the seat and yelled 'Roo, Roo, Roo,' and noticed she wasn't there," Stefanie Grows said.

Not only was she not there, but Roo had been thrown from the car, right through the back window.

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"I thought she was dead. As soon as we got out, I thought there's no way she could've survived it," Stefanie Grows said.

Duane fractured his sternum and Stafanie was banged up as well, but that did not stop them from organizing an all-out search for the dog that had seemingly vanished into the night.

"That night, Stef and her family were out looking for Roo and I was in the hospital until about 3 a.m.," Duane Grows said.

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The couple took to social media and joined every animal rescue Facebook group they could find in Solano County. Then 14 hours after the crash it happened — Roo was found in a neighborhood three miles from the crash scene.

"And on the other side of the freeway, so she had traveled pretty far," Stefanie Grows said.

Roo was okay and her parents say her traveling days are far from over. She suffered a bit of road rash, but is overall OK.

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