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Docuseries will give behind-the-scenes look at Cal Fire pilots in wildland firefights

Cal Fire pilots' efforts in wildland firefights being highlighted in new docuseries
Cal Fire pilots' efforts in wildland firefights being highlighted in new docuseries 01:57

SACRAMENTO — They are crucial when it comes to fighting wildland fires. You often see planes and helicopters making drops that can be the difference between life and death, but what about the people in the cockpit?

"There's a family commitment in all of that, too," Morgana Wingard said.

It's this family – Wingard and her husband, Jacob Bester – that wants to show people the pilots behind the fight. The two are currently working on a show called "Airborne Firefighters," which is a behind-the-scenes look at Cal Fires's aerial operations.

There's a lot that goes into it, from training to how they're coordinating together in the air to make sure everybody is safe," Wingard said.

Bester would know as he's a firefighting pilot himself.

"You're using a skill that helps others," he said. "You help to protect the community and the public."

Bester said the ruh of it all is "awesome."

"When that bell goes off or that notification about you going on a fire, yeah, adrenaline starts pumping," he added.

The couple will spend this year following Cal Fire as they respond to wildland fires. The organization has the largest air program of any fire department in the world.

"We want to let them know what Cal Fire does for them," said Richard Cordova, a Cal Fire battalion chief. "We want to let them know where their money is going, that their firefighters are hard at work making sure they're safe."

The goal is to also highlight the pilots, who understand what's at stake.

"We really want to show people, really, what it takes for these folks to fight these fires while working together to safely do that," Wingard said.

No official air date has been set, but while they're filming, you can follow along. The couple will be posting behind-the-scenes videos to YouTube.

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