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First Responders Assigned To Dixie Fire Rescue Boy From Drowning At Redding Hotel

REDDING (CBS13) — A group of first responders helping in the Dixie Fire jumped into action to prevent a different kind of tragedy.

On Sunday, the Cal Fire's Butte Unit posted a video detailing the harrowing incident. Parademics from several departments were staying at a hotel in Redding when they heard a mother screaming. They quickly found the woman's 10-year-old son partially unresponsive in the hotel's pool.

The first responders jumped the fence and began CPR.

One of the paramedics said the boy had water in his lungs and had no pulse when they got to him.

"We know what that means, it's time to work," said another paramedic, who appears to be from the Oakland Fire Department.

The boy began breathing again and was taken to the hospital.

As of Sunday, Dixie Fire has now burned nearly 200,000 acres in Butte and Plumas counties. It merged with another wildfire over the weekend - creating one massive fire.

Containment is at just 21 percent.

Many of the crews have assigned to the Dixie Fire just returned from Oregon, where the Bootleg Fire has already scorched more than 400,000 acres.

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