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Divisiveness Continues Between Those Vaccinated And Not As Yolo County Masks Up Again

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Masks are now recommended indoors -- regardless of vaccination status -- after updated guidance from the CDC. Local counties are taking their own stand to get a handle on the more infectious Delta variant.

In our area, a mask mandate is just days away in Yolo County where there's also growing tension between those vaccinated and those who are not.

"We got our three-week vacation; summer's over," said Jason with Taylor's Market in Sacramento.

After a brief hiatus, masks are back. They're requested -- not required -- at businesses across the Sacramento area.

"Everyone in the back of their minds knew it was going to happen," said Jason.

At The Comedy Spot in Midtown, as of last week, you can't enter without one. And at Jimmy's Barbershop, without a vaccine, a face mask is required, but they're relying on the honor code.

"I really don't want to go backward, we were really starting to go forward," said Mel Bell at Jimmy's. "Better safe than sorry."

But with the return of the mask comes the return of pandemic-related anxiety, for some.

"I think even though the mask is designed to keep us safe, it can also trigger that reaction in many people that the world isn't safe and that's why we have to wear masks," said Dr. Judy Ho, a clinical neuropsychologist.

Part of that anxiety comes from the quickly growing Delta variant. The variant is something infectious disease experts call a game-changer because it is more contagious.

"What we can't live with is our hospitals and ICU's being overwhelmed,, which is what occurred during previous surges," said Dr. Dean Blumberg.

He says there's a high correlation between those choosing not to mask and those choosing not to get vaccinated.

"All the models suggest were going to have continued increase in transmission throughout the summer and sometime in September," he said.

Blumberg also says the virus is more transmissible in the winter, so there's a question on whether there will be a seasonal variation in case rates.

Sacramento, Stanislaus, El Dorado, and Placer counties are waiting for further guidance from the state. For now, the mask mandate is just a recommendation.

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