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Divided Stockton City Council Looking For More Civility At Meetings

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A divided Stockton City Council is taking new steps to keep members in line and prevent testy exchanges like the one between the mayor and a council member.

It's not uncommon to hear bickering at one of the meetings. But recently many people will say things have gotten a bit circus-like.

Stockton's legislative council gathered on Wednesday and asked for recommendations from city staff on how to make the meetings more smooth and civilized.

"Council members won't interrupt each other. You'll each be allowed to have your say before the next speaks."

Among the recommendations, a solid set of rules for running the meeting adopted by many other cities with  mandatory training for all members.

Also, there will be the introduction of a council censure to have members answer if they break the rules.

But the committee made it clear they wanted everyone under the same regulations, including the mayor who presides over the meetings.

Mayor Anthony Silva said he will wait to hear the recommendations. He thinks many will be good ideas, but he said it's also important to have good debate.

"I think that too many rules and regulations, they cloud everything up."

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