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Stephon Clark Protesters Vow To Continue Pressing For Charges After District Attorney Lays Out Lengthy Timeline

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Protests ramped up outside the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office, hours after the district attorney broke her silence on the Stephon Clark shooting investigation on Wednesday.

"What happened to Stephon Clark is a tragedy," District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said.

She held a news conference, exactly one month after two Sacramento Police officers shot the unarmed 22-year-old father, in his grandmother's backyard.

The DA maintains she hasn't yet received the Clark case for review, but she's promising a fair, independent, and just investigation, based on a dual legal standard.

"If we believe a crime has been committed- can we prove that case beyond a reasonable doubt?" she said.

The case comes as Schubert faces a re-election vote on June 5.

"Right there. It's almost a set up to say that these guys will walk," said activist Berry Accius.

Accius is one of the founder's of Sacramento's Build Black movement. He's pledging this time will be different.

"The pressure's not gonna go away," he said.

"I respect peaceful protests," said Schubert.

Black Lives Matter activists have led those protests three days a week since the shooting video was released calling for charges against the officers.

Founder Tanya Faison says what they heard ... was an insult.

"I think she thinks the people are uninformed she assumes we don't have the knowledge of her role, and so we understand what it is that we're talking about when we say we're gonna be out here until she files those charges," said Faison.

Schubert says it can take over a year to investigate officer-involved shootings.

But a Sacramento Police spokeswoman tells CBS13, investigators still need to interview witnesses and review video evidence, before handing over the case to the DA.

New videos released this week show officers racing to the scene, moments after Stephon Clark was shot.

"We heard gunshots—yeah, they shot at officers," officers say in the videos.

The only shots fired that night were from police officers' guns. Clark only had a cell phone on him.

We may not have a timeline for the shooting investigation, but protesters say they're committed to a schedule of protesting every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday outside the district attorney's office.

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