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Deuce: A Night Everyone Was A Fan Of WWE

Most people who listen to our show know that I'm a wrestling nerd. I was the kid who would try to duplicate every finishing maneuver, I had all the action figures and my grandma would tape every pay-per-view event. I literally had a collection of hundreds of VHS that had every WCW and WWE pay-per-views.

Breaking news: I know it's scripted but during my childhood, these guys were my heroes. I lost my passion once I hit middle school but somehow I got sucked into watching the WWE again when it returned to Sacramento in 2012.

WWE held a live show on August 23 so of course I was going to be there. I ended up sitting next to a child who really put things in perspective for me.

He's a six-year-old named Jett. He sported a bright orange Uso's t-shirt and was beyond thrilled to be at his first WWE event.

On that bright orange shirt was a blue button that read "Make-A-Wish." My immediate feeling was sadness. Was he ok? Is he sad? What's he dealing with?

Ten minutes after the show started, I realized it didn't matter.

Jett was smiling, he was laughing, and he was trying submission moves on me. He was happy. His heroes in the ring acknowledged him, even taking some of his popcorn from him after a match.

I don't know what Jett is dealing with but for that one night—for three hours of his life—he found an escape. He wasn't thinking about whatever he's going through. He and his parents weren't thinking about upcoming doctor visits. Jett was in awe watching his favorite wrestlers up close and personal. My favorite part was looking down at his parents who couldn't help but smile because their son was having an experience of a lifetime.

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish and to the WWE for providing a moment that Jett will never forget and one I'll never forget.

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