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Details Slowly Emerge About Quadruple Murder Suspect Shankar Hangud

Sacramento (CBS13) — With the investigation into the Roseville quadruple murders underway, details are slowly emerging about the suspect, 53-year-old Shankar Hangud.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Hangud worked for several Sacramento companies, one of which was Alluma Social Interest Solutions, located at 1 Capitol Mall in downtown Sacramento.

Company spokesperson Katie Tamony shared few details about Hangud.

"He was a data scientist for Alluma," Tamony said. "He worked here for Alluma until 2018. He worked here for two years. It's very tragic and I feel terrible for his family."

Investigators are piecing together a timeline of events that took place as Hangud left the murder scene in Roseville and drove several hours with a body in the front seat of his car to the Mount Shasta police station, where he confessed to the murders.

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"Detectives are trying to backtrack to find if there are any other crimes scenes along the path or whatever direction the suspect took to get to the Mount Shasta Police department," said Roseville Police Captain Josh Simon.

Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness says the case has a long way to go, noting, "you cannot rely upon his confession."

McGinniss added that detectives still have to build a solid case and corroborate Hangud's confession with whatever evidence they collect. That's why tips from the public will be important.

"That means anybody who may have seen him leaving with the person who became the final victim [at] Quick Stops, gas stations, just intersections, someplace where they may have been, some sighting of this guy, maybe someone took notice," said McGinness.

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The community continues to grieve for two adults and two juvenile victims. One of the victims is believed to have attended Silverado Middle School, where the district is making grief counselors available and released a statement that said in part, "We are devastated that a member of our Silverado and Dry Creek family is believed to be a victim and are doing everything we can to help students and staff as we grieve and process this event together."

Roseville parent Alex Mirchev received the email and the crime hits close to home.

"When I first saw the letter I was a little scared for my own, just thinking about my own children. I didn't hear about the event until I got that email," said Mirchev.

Hangud is being held without bail at the South Placer Jail and facing four charges of murder. He has declined all interviews and the victims have not been identified.

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