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Sheriff's Deputies Help Homeless Family In Need

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A homeless Sacramento family is now off the streets, thanks to a pair of Sacramento County sheriff's deputies.

Deputies Tim Yee and Johnny Le spotted a family with three children last month camping out behind the Walmart off Elk Grove-Florin Road, they knew they had to help.

The family had been living in their van for the past four months.

"We only see the negative side of police officers, so to see this side of them is really awesome," said Shannon Loveless.

It's a side of law enforcement Loveless says she didn't know until now. Her family had been living out of their car for the past four months and turned to food banks for meals.

Loveless says she was making lunch for her family behind a local Walmart in December when two deputies spotted them.

"It was kind of a shock because I didn't know whether we were going to get in trouble or what?"

"I'm gonna call that day a miracle‬," said deputy Johnny Le.

‪It was a lucky day for the Loveless family.‬ ‪Deputies Johnny Le and Tim Yee were patrolling a homeless camp nearby and realized the family needed help.

"Kind of choked up a little bit, to see the kids dirty and hungry, it touched me‬," Le said.

The deputies immediately sprang into action. They brought the family bags full of groceries and toys to cheer up the kids. Each day brings a different calling for these two deputies.

"There is a softer side of us, they see this they see the flashing red and blue lights, they look at us bad, we are there to help them and their situation‬," said Yee.

‪The family was able to get into a motel the same day the two deputies found them.

‪A selfless gesture, leaving Loveless grateful and emotional.‬ ‪

"Just for [the kids] to be able to have a warm place to sleep and watch cartoons, you know things that kids do, you take it for granted," Loveless said as she began to cry.

Two partners lending a helping hand, paving the way for Loveless and her family to finally begin a normal life.

"It's a total game changer; the motivation is there, the morale is there, I'm ready, let's get this year right!" Loveless said.

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