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Deportation Fears Draw Families To Stockton Immigration Workshops

STOCKTON – The fear of deportation continues to be a big concern for many undocumented families, but community workshops are hoping to calm things down.

It's one of the main questions Stephen Rosenbaum is getting from parents and guardians living in the shadows

"If they are detained for some period of time, and they have family members, usually children, they want to know how those children ought to be taken care of," said Rosenbaum.

Many families have already taken the proper steps to ensure their kids are protected in the event they get deported from the U.S.  It's a legal document known as the power of attorney.

"I think it may be an attempt to deal with who is authorized to give medication, who is authorized to transport a member of the family to an appointment or school. I think, in some cases, individuals are concerned about guardianships," he said.

"I had a friend whose mother was taken," said Alejandro Garcia, a college senior, a community volunteer who works part-time.

Garcia is also a dreamer and is part of DACA, the deferred action for childhood arrivals. He's come to learn what these immigration resource workshops are all about.

"My parents, I really appreciate having my folks because they always take opportunities and going to these workshops," he said.

The immigration resource forums are being organized more frequently by faith groups and community service organizations as they help families know their rights when it comes to encountering law enforcement officials.

"Information is a powerful tool to have, whatever your immigration status whether you're talking immigration, education, housing or employment, in all these areas it's important to have information," said Rosenbaum.

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